For us, Conscious Scents means surrounding ourselves with special room scents that are good for us and delight us, that have been developed with attention to detail and at the same time place particular emphasis on sustainability.

For us, the term “Conscious Scents” means that the products that come close to us, that we breathe in and that touch our skin should be produced in as health-friendly a way as possible.

For this reason, our scented candles are free of paraffin , phthalates , parabens, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. If you would like to find out more about these ingredients - and why we do not use them - you can find further articles on the subject in our blog.

Cœurage scented candles contain 100% renewable plant wax and natural fragrances. A positive side effect: Because we don't use paraffin, our scented candles burn with less soot than conventional products.

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Our home fragrance products are manufactured as regionally as possible, so we keep delivery distances as short as possible.

The manufacturers we work with are all based in Germany, pay attention to fair and social working conditions and specialize in sustainability.

Almost Zero Waste: The dishwasher-safe porcelain mug can be rinsed with hot water after the candle has burned and reused as a coffee mug, vase or elegant storage vessel. We are also already working on wax refillers.

Our packaging is made of paper from sustainable forestry, is free of glue and can therefore be recycled even better. Our postcards are made from cotton fiber - a by-product of the fashion industry.

Shipping is climate-neutral; we use shredded cardboard leftovers as filling material.

We are continually working to avoid and reduce emissions in production; Where we cannot do this, we overcompensate for our carbon footprint.

Social Impact

For every product sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Desert Flower Foundation, which does great work in Berlin and around the world to combat female circumcision.

Our products are also vegan, free of animal testing and free of genetically modified raw materials.

All of this is behind our philosophy of Conscious Scents.

We have published further information on the topics of paraffin and phthalates.
More detailed information has been compiled in blog posts.

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