Go, chase your dreams

Inspiration, lightness, harmony

Cœurage fragrances help you get the energy and mood you need right now.

Scented candles in a fine porcelain vessel

Unique pieces for your home

Cœurage scented candles: hand-poured into sustainably produced porcelain vessels made in Germany.

Together with a Berlin porcelain designer, we create unique pieces: the decor of each vessel has its own individual nuance. Your scented candle will never exist twice.

Health friendly ingredients

For your skin and airways

Our fragrance compositions do not contain potentially harmful substances such as paraffin, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

Positive side effect: When burning our scented candles, there is almost no soot.

Sustainably Produced

Luxury with a clear conscience

Sustainable production, short delivery routes and the use of the highest quality ingredients with a good climate balance are a matter of course for us. In addition, we overcompensate for the CO₂ emissions that we have not yet been able to save.
As a member of the corporate network for climate protection, we are continuously learning how we can make our company and products even more sustainable.

Conscious Luxury

Supporting Female Empowerment

As a female founded label, it is a matter close to our hearts to support women worldwide. That's why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every scented candle sold to the Desert Flower Foundation.

Learn more about the work of the Desert Flower Foundation.

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