Our Creation

If the product that meets your requirements doesn't exist, you have two options: you don't have it or you create it yourself.

Cœurage was founded in the Autumn 2021 by Sarah Maria Maschek, who was born in Cologne and now commutes between her home country and Berlin.

As a psychologist, she has always been fascinated by how a scent can change people's moods in a very short time. After dealing extensively with the products of leading brands in the industry, Sarah Maria was disillusioned: none of the brands in the luxury segment used ingredients that she herself really wanted to identify with, let alone continue to enjoy her me-time. So it's high time to take action yourself.

After months of research, a brand took shape that not only feels responsible for its products, but also wants to use the new presence for larger goals.

It quickly became clear to us that candles that are created with so much love should not remain nameless objects. Each fragrance has a story to tell and is designed to help other women recognize and claim their worth, put themselves in the mood they need to pursue their goals and dreams while remaining in harmony with themselves and to be in their environment.

"Coeurage is aimed in particular at women who consciously want to do something good for themselves. To women for whom luxury and responsibility go hand in hand.”
(Sarah Maria - Founder Cœurage)


From One Empowered Woman To Another

Sarah Maria grew up in a family that offered her several courageous and pioneering women as role models and supported her in becoming the self-determined and authentic woman she is today.

Sarah Maria therefore named the first three fragrance compositions after strong women in her own family.


was the great aunt of the founder. She took life with a certain ease, always had a joke on her lips and rarely let herself be told "what is proper for a woman".

Her composition: Ho wood, fennel, litsea cubea, magnolia, cardamom

The fragrance: Ida brings a fresh, happy and slightly sugary fragrance experience that supports the lightness of life. Negative emotions dissolve, we feel stimulated and open to positive energies.

Idas reinforcing affirmation: I feel alive and receive positive energies.


was the founder's grandmother. She took on a lot of responsibility at a young age and, despite a very rocky path in life, lived a colourful, cosmopolitan life with a lot of travel and interests. She was a conservation activist at a time when people still smiled at her.

Her composition: sandalwood, cedarwood, tonka, ylang-ylang, bergamot, vanilla

The Fragrance: A complex, feminine fragrance that promotes a comforting, relaxed mood. Wilma relieves anxiety and depression, relieves tension and lifts spirits. This fragrance makes us feel calm and balanced.

Wilma's empowering affirmation: I feel harmonious and embraced by life.


is also the middle name of our founder. It was passed on in her family over generations and thus stands for a value that has endured over time: tradition.

Their composition: cedar wood, myrrh, frankincense, bergamot, lemon balm indicum, ylang ylang

The fragrance: Maria is a special spiritual fragrance that creates an atmosphere that is both sublime and comforting. The fragrance effect is invigorating and inspiring. Mental wounds are allowed to heal and we open ourselves to receive ideas. We remember our inner power and put it into practice.

Maria's affirmation: I recognize my inner power. I am inspired and turn ideas into action.