Aroma-protecting lid - Made in Berlin

20,00 €
38,46 € / 100 g

Aroma-protecting copper lid for our scented candles, Ida, Maria, Wilma. Protects your Cœurage scented candle from dust and loss of aroma.

Produced in Berlin.

Weight: 52g

Diameter: 89mm

Lid height: 6 mm

Note: The lid is not used to extinguish the candle.


The lids of our scented candles are made of copper in Berlin. Copper develops a patina over time. If you don't like it, you can soak the lid in a solution of vinegar and salt for a few hours or rub it with a paste of vinegar, salt and some flour. This is how you can remove the patina naturally.

The copper lids are produced in Berlin. Copper has a 70% recycling rate. Nevertheless, we are working on producing even more sustainably in the future.
We are a member of the corporate network for climate protection and are continuously learning how we can make our company and products even more sustainable.

Suitable for your lid

Duftkerze Wilma im Porzellangefäß


Scented candle "Wilma" - Made in Berlin

115,00 € 135,00 €
383,33 € / kg

Composition: sandalwood - cedarwood - bergamot – Ylang-Ylang – Tonka – For Van

"I feel harmonious and embraced by life."

Wilma is a feminine fragrance composition that gives us the feeling of being embraced by life. Wilma relieves anxious and negative emotions, releases tension and lifts spirits. With this scent we feel calmed and balanced.

  • Noble scented candle in unique porcelain vessel made in Germany
  • hand poured in Berlin
  • 100% renewable plant wax
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • Average burn time: approx. 60 hours

Free from paraffin, palm oil, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and genetically modified raw materials. Vegan, climate positive.

Please noteSince the porcelain vessels are handmade unique items is, pattern and color intensity may vary slightly. 

Estimated delivery date: mid-November 2022.

Harness the power of aromatherapy

Natural mood boosters and relaxation aids

Smell is the only sense that has direct access to the center of memory and emotions in the brain.

Aromatherapy has used this knowledge for centuries to provide support for the body, mind and spirit through natural scents.

Your Scented Candle does not exist twice

Durable unique pieces: the Cœurage porcelain mugs

In cooperation with a Berlin porcelain designer, we create unique pieces: the pattern of each vessel has its own individual nuance.

The goal of Cœurage is that your products become a part of your home - and stay. Once your candle has burned down completely, you can continue to use the vessels as a noble drinking cup, vase, bonbonnière or brush holder. We are also working on wax refills that you can order from us in the future.

So that you really do something good for yourself

Kind to your health

The scented candles from Cœurage are free from potentially harmful substances such as paraffin, artificial colors
or synthetic fragrances. Phthalates, parabens and sulfates.

Instead, we use all-natural essential oils, high-quality, regionally produced rapeseed wax, wicks made from organic materials and sustainably produced packaging.

Time out with a clear conscience

Friendly to our climate

Those who surround themselves with products from Cœurage can be sure that they are not only doing something good for themselves, but also for the environment:

Sustainable production, short delivery distances and the use of high-quality ingredients with a good climate balance are for a matter of course for us.

Our scented candles are vegan, not tested on animals and free of genetically modified raw materials.

As a member of the corporate network for climate protection, we continuously educate ourselves on how to make our company and products even more sustainable can design.

Almost soot-free burning

Friendly to your home

Our scented candles burn almost completely without soot. Your furniture, curtains and the walls of your apartment will thank you.

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